A cloud-based facility and capital planning software

Facilities Planner is as a capital planning software helping companies facility leaders. We help you tell a story built on historical facts and data. Our tool and a resource is in your pocket and leveraged at a moment’s notice. You can now explain down to the minute detail what they are facing and specifically how they plan to address it.

Facility Data

Facilities Planner enables you to gather, manage and report on your facility data. 

This includes details like site acreage, square footage, capacity and much more. We also include sections for facility condition assessments and building systems lifecycles. 

Attach your site plans, floor plans, CAD files and photos. All your data in one place, available 24/7 with our capital planning software. 

Reporting Data

 When it’s time to update your audience, Facilities Planner makes it easy for you to begin with a high level view. So that you can then drill into the detail if you need to. We make analyzing your capital expenditure budget easy. 

​Your interactive dashboard is connected directly to your data, so it updates automatically. Additionally, this is available for viewing on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Facility and Capital Planning

We all know that time takes its toll on facilities. So that means you need to be planning for renovation or new construction.

Facilities Planner has you utilize your facility assessment or building system data. This will be the foundation for planning updates to your facilities.

​​You can move tasks in and out of plans with a mouse click. Now, you can apply a variety of contingencies and then group them in funding scenarios.

No more cutting and pasting data between rows and columns. In other words, capital planning software is more than spreadsheets!